Repair and reconstruction of piston compressors and their nodes

The repair process by our specialists is clearly prescribed and structured. It uses repeatedly tested procedures; all stages are documented in detail.

Even complex projects we successfully perform due to effective project management. Our specialists in compressor maintenance have professional knowledge, confirmed by appropriate certificates and experience in the field of all necessary technologies used during the current and major repairs. Professional project management guarantees the execution of works on time and with the maximum quality.


Sequence of works on the current maintenance project:

Sequence of works on the overhaul (capital repair) project:

Spare parts for piston compressors:

We make rods up to 4000 mm. Forgings made of alloy steels are used.
Compressor pistons made of steel, cast iron and aluminum alloys, as well as multi-component.
Cylinder liners are made of cast iron, carbide blanks or steel. Maximum the diameter of the sleeve: 1000 mm.
Individually select the material based on the composition of the fluoropolymer and converters.
When applying a wide range of wear-resistant coatings increases the performance of parts.