Piston rods

RodsApplication of grinding operations in the production of cylinders, sleeves, and rods and high quality assembly with strict adherence to the location tolerances, in particular, the co-ordinates of the mating parts, together with the use of composite ring materials, increases the service life of the machine.

The production of high-quality pistons and piston rods is carried out taking into account the advanced technologies of compressor construction. For the observance of physical and mechanical properties, forgings of alloy steels are used as blanks. Each stage of the production process — from the supply of material to the finishing process is accompanied by strict quality control.

We have the experience and technical possibility of producing rods and piston rod up to 4000 mm long.


Spare parts for piston compressors:

We make rods up to 4000 mm. Forgings made of alloy steels are used.
Compressor pistons made of steel, cast iron and aluminum alloys, as well as multi-component.
Cylinder liners are made of cast iron, carbide blanks or steel. Maximum the diameter of the sleeve: 1000 mm.
Individually select the material based on the composition of the fluoropolymer and converters.
When applying a wide range of wear-resistant coatings increases the performance of parts.