Piston rings, stuffing box and scraper seal for rod packing


As a result of measurements and individual calculations for each particular compressor, the company Vector Ltd. selects an INDIVIDUAL material based on the composition of fluoroplast-4 and various converters. Materials of this type are intended for the manufacture of parts responsible friction without lubrication nodes (and lubricated) piston rings, and end shaft seal and bearings in pumps, compressors, valves, etc.

The materials work in corrosive environments, in the temperature range -130 … +300 ° С.

The most common composition based on PTFE fluoroplastic is obtained using a carbon fiber coated with a thin fluoropolymer coating, which provides an increase in the contact area of ​​the filler surface and fluoroplastic matrix, improving their technological compatibility and adhesion interaction. Materials of this kind have increased physical characteristics: density, thermal conductivity and elastic-strength properties, reduced wear of both the part itself and the mating surface when working without lubrication. In addition, the composition of the material contains special fillers, which at times increase the service life in comparison with analogues.

The integrated approach ensures an increase in the service life of the main units: a detailed analysis of the compressed gas for the presence of impurities, condensate, analysis of pressure drop, temperatures, and a host of other factors that make it possible to select the composition of composite plastics for YOUR compressor.

We guarantee delivery of high-quality, reliable, wear-resistant materials that meet your requirements and confirm the warranty service life of the components.


Spare parts for piston compressors:

We make rods up to 4000 mm. Forgings made of alloy steels are used.
Compressor pistons made of steel, cast iron and aluminum alloys, as well as multi-component.
Cylinder liners are made of cast iron, carbide blanks or steel. Maximum the diameter of the sleeve: 1000 mm.
Individually select the material based on the composition of the fluoropolymer and converters.
When applying a wide range of wear-resistant coatings increases the performance of parts.