Support of the import-substitution program

Ensuring the country’s advanced technology, innovation and competitiveness of the development against the backdrop of a rapidly changing world have become top priorities in recent years.

This is reflected in the new government program approved by the editorial board on import substitution number 320 «The development of industry and increase its competitiveness», and then in a number of other legislative acts, the purpose of which is the clear positioning of the state’s role in the process of import substitution.

Since the establishment of the Government Commission on import substitution, defined a strategic range of products, with the highest priority in the key sectors of the economy, by publishing a list at the official sites (the Russian Federation Government Resolution dated August 4, 2015 № 785 «On creation of a government commission on import substitution»).

Vector Ltd. has its own design bureau, production and licensing documents (design authorization, conformity certificates for units and parts, quality management system), which allows our company to approach to solving problems of import substitution at the enterprises of oil and gas sector of the industry. We offer our clients projects of «reverse engineering», involves the use of complex technology, hardware and software, as well as the tools needed to create an object with characteristics similar or higher compared to the prior art, in order to reduce delivery times of spare parts, reduce costs and increase the life of the equipment.

Spare parts for piston compressors:

We make rods up to 4000 mm. Forgings made of alloy steels are used.
Compressor pistons made of steel, cast iron and aluminum alloys, as well as multi-component.
Cylinder liners are made of cast iron, carbide blanks or steel. Maximum the diameter of the sleeve: 1000 mm.
Individually select the material based on the composition of the fluoropolymer and converters.
When applying a wide range of wear-resistant coatings increases the performance of parts.