About Vektor Ltd.

Vector Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise with its own design bureaus, technical control department, a warehouse and a service department based on Russian capital and registered in the territory of the Russian Federation. We support the policy of import substitution in the field of heavy engineering and energy.

Material and technical base of the enterprise consists of equipment, mainly 2015-2016 model year: universal milling centers, high-performance lathes, band sawing and grinding machines, and other equipment to carry out complex processes. Engineers-designers with extensive experience, fresh solutions will help to develop details of any complexity, and highly skilled workers-machine operators realize the details with high accuracy. Employees of our company constantly improve their knowledge and skills, it should be noted the presence of academic degrees from a number of specialists of the design bureau.

The main activity of the company is the production of spare parts for compressors, pumps and other power equipment in accordance with relevant №РОССRU.AD44.H02892 certificate, as well as servicing of this type of installations. In addition, we offer the manufacture of parts of almost any complexity and series of drawings sent to our address. If it is impossible to provide drawings (especially relevant for imported equipment), we coordinate the departure of our specialists for the removal of dimensions and independently develop design documentation for subsequent production.

It should be noted that our company is actively introducing the lean manufacturing system 5C, used in many state corporations in Russia and abroad. Each employee of «Vector» optimizes its part in the overall workflow, resulting in improved product quality and reduced costs.

The company is a member of the Designers Association and has passed the quality management system certification.

Phone: +7 (812) 317-11-98

E-mail: info@pkvektor.ru

Address: 192007, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Borovaya st., 116

More details about Vektor Ltd.

Spare parts for piston compressors:

We make rods up to 4000 mm. Forgings made of alloy steels are used.
Compressor pistons made of steel, cast iron and aluminum alloys, as well as multi-component.
Cylinder liners are made of cast iron, carbide blanks or steel. Maximum the diameter of the sleeve: 1000 mm.
Individually select the material based on the composition of the fluoropolymer and converters.
When applying a wide range of wear-resistant coatings increases the performance of parts.